Kimberly Court Park

This park has yet to be officially named. This is a 1 acre park located just west of the schools. The recreational trail runs through the park and a tunnel under Hwy 76. In September 2021 the trail was redesigned and repaved to provide safer travel between the section of trail on Kimberly Court and the Greenville Middle School. The trail now provides off-street pedestrian accommodations and connects to the existing trail system on Fawn Ridge Drive. Prior to this paving project, the Kimberly Court Trail ended where the cul-de-sac began.

Existing facilities include a Conifer Arboretum, benches and recreational trail access.
Facility Type Park Property
Address Line One Kimberly Court
Address Line Two
City, State, Zip Code Greenville, WI 54942

Kimberly Court