Special Event Application

A “special event” is defined as any planned extraordinary occurrence requiring Village services on public right-of-way or public premises including, but not limited to, concerts, festivals, fairs, parades, runs/walks, large company picnics, athletic events, block parties, and processions which is not within the normal and ordinary use of that property or which, by the nature of the event, may have a greater impact on Village services or resources than would have occurred had the event not taken place. Whether the event is considered within the normal, ordinary or intended use of public property shall be determined by the Village department that maintains jurisdiction over the proposed venue.

It is recognized that special events often bring many benefits to the community. However, when these events are held on public premises or public right-of-way, they have the potential to impact the Village’s resources, facilities and property. Each event has unique characteristics and will have


Any park/facility reservations are done separately and should be completed prior to the Special Event Application.

Facility Type Special Event Application
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